Houston Fire Station 68 Addition & Renovations | Houston, Texas


Originally constructed in 1968, the facility was designed for a much smaller team of personnel. With an expanded hierarchy and additional crew members, the renovation added more beds (for separate genders) in the same floor area.  New separate restrooms for men & women, as well as new dormitory, work-out and kitchen/dining areas were key elements focused on the project.  HFD staff were temporarily relocated out of the building during the addition/renovation in temporary facilities. All new equipment and systems was a part of the project.
With all living & office areas on the second floor of the existing 2-story building, the addition of an elevator was a key aspect of the project to allow for accessible entrance to the building. Construction of the elevator was delayed due to funding but is anticipated to be completed in FY 2017.Houston

Fire Department | Fire Station 68 Interior Renovations & Upgrades
  8602 Bissonnet Street, Houston TX 77074
  Client: City of Houston, General Services Department
  Contact: Keith Andrews, GSD Interior Renovations Group
  Building Size: 9,200sf
  Construction Cost: 1.6 million
  Design Dates: Dec 2014-Sept 2015
  Construction Dates: Oct 2015-April 2016