Houston Fire Station 13 Addition & Renovation | Houston, Texas


City of Houston HFD Fire Station 13 Addition & Renovation
   2215 W. 43rd Street, Houston TX 77018
  Client: City of Houston, General Services Department
  Contact: Keith Andrews, GSD Interior Renovations Group
  Construction Cost: 1.3 million
  Design Dates: May 2014-Dec 2014
  Construction Dates: Jan 2015-Aug 2015

Originally constructed in 1956 in the Oak Forest neighborhood in the north section of Houston, Texas, Fire Station 13 was long overdue for an upgrade to modern first responder needs. The front façade of the building was modified to create a public entrance into a secured environment. Ryden Architecture unified the design by placing the new and existing structure under one continuous roof that not only simplified the new roof design, but hearkens back to the mid-century era that permeates the architecture of the neighborhood.