Apex Clean Energy 300 Megawatt Operations & Maintenance Building | Floydada, Texas


Apex Clean Energy 300 MW O&M Building

Designed as an operational center for wind farms, the building is designed to allow turbine operators to monitor energy production on site in the 3,320 sf office facility, as well as give them a staging ground and storage for sensitive parts in the 2,390 sf connected warehouse. Given the remoteness of the location, the building is designed to be adapted for rain water collection, solar energy electricity production and on-site treatment of waste. The building also utilizes low water use plumbing and high efficiency lighting

1904 FM 786 Floydada, TX 79235
  Client: Apex Clean Energy, Inc.
  Contact: Matt Biediger, Apex Clean Energy
  Building Size: 5,840sf
  Design Dates: May 2016-Oct 2016
  Construction Dates: Nov 2016-April 2017